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Plato Design

Plato Design is an early stage design startup, backed by Y Combinator, aimed at reinventing the agency model by augmenting creativity with machine learning. I joined the company as employee number three and quickly climbed the ranks to CCO, overseeing the 12 person agency team.

While at Plato I scaled the team as sole Creative Director with 24+ client projects to eight CDs in four months and transitioned to managing team as Lead Creative Director. In that role I implemented creative solutions allowing the agency to scale and reimagine service offering of Brand, Web & UI design.

When I was promoted to CCO I oversaw the entire agency side of Plato and responsible for scaling Plato’s project throughput. OKRs include: Increasing capacity for concurrent projects & managing agency operating expenses. Below is a sample of work that I was closely involved with.


UI Design / 2019

I had the unique opportunity while at Plato to work with Sirona, a company that allows radiologists to streamline and track their own workflow. Together with the client we created wireframes and designed a dashboard experience to give practitioners access to productivity stats, review patient records, narrate their findings using Sirona’s text-to-speech software & collaborate with doctors within their practice.

ROLE: Creative Direction
CREDITS: Alexey Matyushkin (UI/UX Design)



App UI/ UX Design / 2018-19

Cargo empowers rideshare drivers to make additional income by providing customers with daily essential products. Cargo approached Plato to revamp the user experience of their consumer facing app, which allows riders to quickly scan the contents of the Cargo Box available on their rides.

I spearhead the reimagined strategy for customer stickiness, increasing DAU on and off the ride. In partnership with the Cargo team & our distributed freelance network we also refreshed the Cargo brand, creating an elevated user interface for the app.

Learn more about Cargo.

ROLE: Creative Direction
CREDITS: Alexey Matyushkin (UI/UX Design)


Web & Mobile UI / 2018 -19

Upturn’s mission is to help Americans understand, improve, and protect their credit. Upturn empowers users to proactively find and fix errors on their credit report, thereby improving their own credit and demystifying credit scores.

I worked with Upturn to identify areas of improvement within the app, and to create and refine their branding efforts and marketing collateral.

* Images & Video courtesy of Alexey Matyushkin

ROLE: Creative Direction
CREDITS: Alexey Matyushkin (UI/UX Design), Jeffrey Peltzman (UI/UX Design)



Employee & Employer Dashboards / 2019

Goodly is battling the student loan epidemic head-on by allowing employers to offer student loan repayment as a benefit. Goodly arms companies with all the tools to integrate directly with their employees’ loan providers, helping them avoid additional interests.

I worked with Goodly initially on their rebrand, followed by the concepting and prototyping employer and employee facing dashboards.

ROLE: Creative Direction
CREDITS: Evan Knight (UI/UX Design), J.D. Reeves (Branding)


Additional Branding & Website Work


Throughout my time at Plato I had the honor of working on the branding, websites & marketing collateral of 60+ startups.
I’ve partnered with incredibly talented creatives in our distributed network to bring all of these projects to life.

ROLE: Creative Direction


Plato Illustrations: Lauren Kolesinskas