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My work with Legendary Entertainment began in 2014 when they engaged Sanborn Agency for some UI/UX work. This work came around the same time that they acquired a few digital properties (Geek & Sundry, Nerdist & Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls), propelling them even further outside the realm of being just a film company. This shift brought with it the desire to pivot their marketing, and an opportunity for me to make a real mark on the evolution of their identity. Website

Legendary creates incredible movies we all know and love, but when they came to us in 2015 about the prospect of redesigning their main dot com, their challenge for us was to shed light on the fact that they also produce television shows, digital content, and comic books. They wanted their visitors to be exposed to the variety of that content right upon entering their site, but still have the ability to easily browse the full catalogs of their beloved movies.

A Very Unique Challenge

For a designer, getting to work with the database of stunning film artwork, movie posters, and behind the scenes photography is a real dream come true. When approaching a marketing website project the majority of the time the challenge is getting your hands on compelling content, and with Legendary the challenge was almost the opposite–we wanted to be doing all the stunning imagery justice in its most pure form. To boil it down: my job was to get out of the way. Create an interface that was so inconspicuous, you almost didn’t know it was there.

Intricate Design & Dev Dance

With an aggressive deadline looming over us, we decided to have design work directly with development from day zero. I worked hand in hand with the lead developer, Ace Goulet, with whom I sat for hours on end collaborating on getting this site up and running in record time.

To relay all of our intentions for functionality to the client I put together a very rough initial prototype using Webflow (which at the time was still in beta). This gave us the ability to get buy-in as early as we could in the process, and have the sign off to go straight into development.

The Mighty Power of the CMS

With the primary objective of allowing the artwork to shine through, and the desire for each film, series, and comic to have its own custom landing page we leveraged a flexible content module framework developed exclusively for this site. We needed to be able to accommodate hundreds of unique productions in a sustainable way, all while allowing the flexibility for each property to be its own special snowflake.

The custom WP content management system was built such that each module block had an array of options for its look and function and together these building blocks would be crafted by the Legendary team to reflect the individual look/feel of each page. We did this live in the code, tested, iterated and tested again. As a result we had a seriously powerful (and fully responsive) tool on our hands that we could bend to our will.

Robust CMS Guide

After crafting this framework I tasked myself with making sure that the client understood its capabilities. We needed the Legendary team to have full control to customize the site in whatever way they wanted. As a result I crafted a 80+page CMS guide outlining and showcasing how to do virtually everything in there. This was the first time I prepared such an in-depth dive into content management. This undertaking taught me many lessons that I now carry with me, both from the development and the client services standpoints.


My Role

Spearheaded the user experience, visual design and prototyping aspects of the site. Worked closely with the Legendary in-house creative team to get approvals and incorporate their feedback. Compiled content management documentation & held multiple educational sessions on it’s usage.

Additional Credits

Development: Ace Goulet

Other Work for Legendary Entertainment

Nerdist, Geek & Sundry and APSG Sites


After the acquisition of these digital properties, Legendary wanted to update the web presence of each and unify them under a single umbrella in a way that would make updating and managing them easy and efficient. I worked directly with the digital heads of all three properties to assure the consolidated UX retained the uniqueness of each site. It was a challenge to meet all of the demands while also being the ‘bad guys’ migrating them to a shared custom WordPress theme. At the end it was a rather successful refresh of all three, and they maintained their individuality.

Visit the Nerdist Site  /  Visit the G&S Site

ROLE: Creative Direction & Design, UX Lead
CREDITS: Ace Goulet (Development)

Legendary Corporate Site


In addition to the main website we were asked to aid in putting together a corporate site for Legendary Entertainment: a place where interested parties could find press releases, job listings, submit licensing inquiries and just learn more about the different Legendary divisions.

Visit the Corporate site

ROLE: Creative Direction & Design, UX Lead
CREDITS: Ace Goulet (Development)

Legendary Digital Network Media Kit


In parallel with the corporate site, Legendary wanted to have a very small informational hub to showcase their digital entities and relay to fans their commitment to building an engaging and supportive community.

Visit the LDN Site

ROLE: Creative Direction & Design, UX Lead
CREDITS: Heayeon Yoon (Development)