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Clearpool Group is an algorithmic trading company who have several cutting-edge trading platforms. They had a need for some updated branding that would help reposition their marketing initiatives. Since then I’ve worked with them on their main marketing site, several campaigns launches and some very complex UX challenges around their actual product.

The Challenge

The underlying core of what Clearpool does is complicated, but their goal has always been to make trading easy for their users. Their platforms allow professionals to perform intricate functions with a simple and intuitive interface. My primary focus was on relaying this to potential clients in a super digestible and friendly way. In order to do this, every step of the way our creative team had to understand more about trading practices than any one of us individually ever has in the past… after all–it’s impossible to put forth UX solutions for a product you yourself don’t quite understand.

The Solution

Leveraging the branding that my team created, which I oversaw, we developed a marketing site that quickly and easily showcases the strengths of the platforms and in no uncertain terms spells out its offerings. We also revamped the very complex platforms so that buyers and sellers were able to perform their tasks in an even more streamlined way. Utilizing the new branding and a series of videos, we boosted the marketing efforts to conduct much more targeted campaigns, ultimately driving more sign ups.

Branding & Marketing Website

Logo Redesign

The new logo illustrates, in a more modern way, the alignment of buyers and sellers via the trading platform with the use of abstract overlapping shapes. It’s a less literal interpretation of clarity and transparency than the mark of the past, and better caters to the various use cases in which it is presented (across digital and print).

Brand Guide

We created a versatile branding and a palette that conveyed the main pillars of Clearpool’s ethos: transparency, trust & control.

The stringent guidelines and updated fonts created more cohesive collateral and gave Clearpool better control over the multitudes of materials they output.


In addition to the updated styles, we created a series of icons to match the new branding and assist the Clearpool team in relaying their offerings in a more visual way, making the overall package much less dense.

We have since expanded this icon library even further and have leveraged it to help guide several campaigns.

"Collaborate seamlessly. Execute confidently. Discover a holistic trading experience based on the best expertise: yours."

Marketing Website Redesign

As the first order of business after establishing a new branding, we dove right into Clearpool’s main marketing website and restructured all the content to better tell their story and surface their offerings in a clear and concise way. As we often do, we built the site utilizing a WordPress CMS that allows Clearpool’s team to quickly add/edit fresh content and HubSpot integrations. The site is also, of course, responsive.

Brand Video

We updated the main Clearpool brand video to better align with the newest campaign “Trade Your Way.” The goal was to do a deep dive into the platform and relay the level of control buyers and sellers gain with Clearpool’s tools, but do so in a way that also conveyed how easy it is to gain high levels of customization. I oversaw our in-house video team to guide the script and all visuals.


My Role

Oversaw the entirety of the branding, helping guide the mark and the overall visual direction. Took lead in auditing the content and providing recommendations for a new information architecture overhaul. Reviewed and validated approaches along the way across all of the collateral.

Additional Credits

Branding & Design Lead: Jeffrey Peltzman

Clearpool Product Dashboards

Algorithmic Management System


The AMS is one of the main offerings that Clearpool provides. It’s a web-based client portal that allows brokers to manage and customize their routing protocols. The product is deep and wide, and I was tasked with helping make sense of the user experience. The platform was already in place as a product, but it needed some serious love. I took lead in analyzing all of the features and various workflows and putting forth recommendations on how to best streamline and simplify the process.

Venue Analysis


The Venue Analysis tool is the latest in the family of offerings from Clearpool. It allows brokers access to actionable data to analyze performance of venues and optimize their routing. I worked with Clearpool to understand all the intricacies of this tool and revamp the user interface to be more user friendly.

ROLE: Creative Direction, UX Support
CREDITS: Mariana Bricio (Lead Design)