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Armadillo&Co is a very unique, high-end rug company and they needed help in completely overhauling and redesign their web presence. As part of that process my team got to work with some incredible branding that was crafted for them by Arms and help shape their complex taxonomy.

"Armadillo&Co products are 100% handmade, using Fair Trade practices. Our rugs lie lightly on this earth."

Wireframing & IA

Prior to diving into the content we spent some time learning about Armadillo’s history and going through all of their catalogs to really understand their offering. The main challenge was to marry the brand story of Armadillo with a full shopping solution in a seamless way. In the past the marketing site was separate from the e-commerce experience and it was time to get it under one roof. This meant remapping the taxonomy and doing a full UX revamp.

Our Approach

We landed on leveraging a series of custom dynamic WordPress templates and a custom WooCommerce integration. This gave design a launching point from which to make decisions about the template structure and layouts to be used for the site. We worked closely with the development team to validate our assumptions about the execution of certain features and assured that our solutions fit across all of their products. The site includes a map that allows you to contact sellers nearby, an area where users can submit their own rugs to be part of an inspiration collection, and allows you to shop via their Instagram account.

The visual design aspect of this site is where I think we had the most fun. Shortly prior to our involvement Armadillo&Co worked with Arms Studio to create their new branding and print materials and it was really a pleasure to work with their team to bring this website to life.


Sanborn Agency


Role: Creative Director, UX Lead

Branding by: Arms

Lead Designer: Mariana Bricio

Developer: Ace Goulet