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Agency life moves very rapidly and as a result of that I am fortunate enough to have been involved in a lot projects, products & campaigns. Below are a medley of various campaigns and builds that have brought me joy. Contact me to hear and see more about them!

Trail Blazers: Create the Court


We had an incredibly unique opportunity to work with NBA’s Trail Blazers on a program they ran in 2014 where they allowed their vast and passionate fan base to design and vote for the physical court design for the upcoming season. The timeline was very aggressive, but we were able to very quickly spin up a hub on the NBA site where users could select custom colors and logos for the different aspects of the court and submit them for review. At the end the tool allowed for one hundred thousand different possible combinations, was a great hit with the fans and some lucky guy/gal got to see their court design realized in person!

The program has now ended, but you can see where it used to live on the NBA site.

ROLE: Creative Direction & Design, UX Lead

Partnership for Drug-Free Kids: Continuing Care


We were approached by the nonprofit organization Partnership for Drug-Free Kids to create an online aftercare hub for parents of children who were coming home after completing rehabilitation programs. The challenge was very unique – Drug-Free wanted the look & feel of this hub to be very approachable and hyper visual. The majority of their materials were rather clinical and they wanted the continuing program to reflect feelings of hopefulness. To achieve this I created a series of custom illustrations that conveyed the child’s journey as represented by a road trip. I then worked with our in-house video department to bring them to life in a program video, which doubled as a site walkthrough for new users.

The site provided helpful articles and gave the parents the ability to bookmark articles for further reading without having to create an account (cookie based). The site was very well received by the client, and sparked a series of other support materials utilizing the artwork.

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ROLE: Creative Direction & Design, UX Lead, Illustration
CREDITS: Cristian Gallo (3D & Animation)

DKNY MYNY: Fragrance Launch


DKNY contacted us prior to the release of their new fragrance called ‘MYNY’ to help ideate and execute the launch of the campaign. We worked with their team to solidify the concept, which was an interactive site that allowed users to create their own custom DKNY heart artwork based on a series of New York City centric quiz questions and leveraging their own photos. The underlying concept was that no matter where you are in the world, everyone has a vision of what their NYC persona would be: their NY. The users go through the experience with the option to connect their facebook account to grab photos and then be able to output the resulting artwork to all of their social media channels, as well as contributing to the MYNY gallery. This experience was very visually robust and built in Flash, with an accompanying dedicated mobile experience.

For the launch event, which took place in the Flatiron District utilized an altered version of this web experience to allow users to create their own hearts live on location.

ROLE: Creative Direction & Design, UX Lead
CREDITS: Video courtesy of Sanborn Agency

Dynamix: Rebrand, Website & Illustrations


Back in my early days at Sanborn Agency I took creative lead on a full rebranding and website redesign effort for Dynamix, a sophisticated interactive video advertisement company. They serve up localized, highly targeted video ads in real time, catered to the specific viewer, which is really very fascinating. From day one they were eager to do something totally disruptive with their branding, and as a result we created a hip, hyper illustrative logo and set of visual collateral. There were a lot of moving pieces, and we ended up also creating a sizzle reel video and pretty intense faux parallax experience that I illustrated and built using Adobe Edge. Illustrating and coding are two skills that I would consider my least seasoned, so it was really enjoyable getting to flex both through the lifespan of this project.

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ROLE: Creative Direction & Design, Illustration, Adobe Edge Development
CREDITS: Cristian Gallo (Animation), Skyler Klingenberg (Audio & SFX)